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I’ve struggled with something for the last month or two. Actually, it is something I’ve struggled with every Christmas Season for the past few years: Inevitably, sometime during Christmas I will hear or read some complaint about how Xmas is not the same as CHRISTmas and that Xmas is an attempt at secularizing Christmas.

I really don’t care about this argument one way or the other…really. What does bother me is that THIS is what we argue about. THIS is what we are up in arms over and are willing to protest about. Folks, 7.6 million children under the age of five died in 2010 and most of those were preventable. Today at least one woman has died in childbirth and has left several other children with no one, NO ONE, to care for them. Somewhere in America there are children being used for their labor, including sexual labor. …and THIS is one of the most talked about issues at Christmas?

I’m sorry if it’s a bit of a downer to some of you during the holiday, but in my opinion, if we REALLY want to put Christ back into CHRISTmas, maybe we should focus on some radical things.

I have so much more to say, but I just don’t think they are wise to say yet, so i’ll hold off on that for a while. For now, one thing I’ve been trying to get more involved with at Christmas is Advent Conspiracy ( Something else i suggest is World Vision’s Gift Catalog.

Maybe, more on this later.


I certainly do not always agree with Reverend Jim Wallis’ perspectives, but I do agree with this statement

“…if I want the support of the religious right, I had better stay unborn as long as possible because once I am born, I am off the radar screen. No health care. No childcare. No nothing,”

I am and will be eternally grateful for the church community I am part of now–and I’d say on the whole we are fairly “conservative”–but I have come from communities in which  Abortion seemed to be the only issue anyone really cared about. Why is this the central issue of Western Christians, why is this the “sin” for which America will be judged, when countless millions struggle to STAY alive.

In my opinion, what our nation WILL be judged for is our preferential ignorance about suffering in the world, poor stewardship, and our mistreatment of orphans, widows, the poor and the foreigner. Doubtless, the unborn are part  of this but the amount of effort the Church in America puts into this issue is unwarranted in comparison to the sum of what we are called to do and be. Further, the attention (the time wasted on arguing and learning how to argue with “pro-choicers” and “abortionists”) does little to solve the root problem of why women have abortions. Like Wallis, I’d love for Democrats to acknowledge the tragedy of abortion and for the Republicans to “…actually help reduce the abortion rate.” Until the Church can get over the politics of the issue and start to work for real results–the kinds of things that transform lives–we will remain a One Trick Pony.

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